McGill’s Buses hits seven million zero emissions miles

McGill’s Bus Group has announced its zero emission buses have travelled a staggering seven million miles since first entering service.

McGill’s has brought over 110 zero-emission buses to Scotland’s roads and has the largest share of electric buses in its fleet compared to any other Scottish bus company, with a total investment of £55million across fleet and associated infrastructure. The group is placed in the top three companies in the UK for fleet decarbonisation.

This latest milestone means the fleet has saved 7,889 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions from being released into the atmosphere.

The electric buses also enhance the passenger experience, with USB charging points at every seat and minimal noise, making rides smooth and comfortable.

McGill’s has also made substantial infrastructure upgrades at four of its depots to enable charging and maintenance of the electric fleet.

Alex Hornby, Group Managing Director of McGill’s, said: “Hitting the seven-million mile mark is an amazing achievement and has helped towards cutting congestion on roads, and reducing emissions – our buses are setting the example to other road users right across Scotland and helping government meet decarbonisation targets.

“Our massive investment in zero emission buses means that we are far exceeding local LEZ standards and tackling the wider climate crisis.

“Our teams worked exceptionally hard to introduce and deliver our 100+ strong electric fleet day in and day out, meaning we are continually contributing to cleaner air to our communities, as well as an improved, smoother, quieter journey experience each time to our growing number of customers too.”

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