McGill’s launch ‘Tap, Cap & Go!’ on their service 7

GlasGo Bus partner, McGill’s, has this week launched ‘Tap, cap & go’ for use on their service 7. This is a new way of paying for your McGill’s tickets using your contactless debit or credit card.

So how does tap & cap work…

When you board a McGill’s bus simply tap the ticket machine with your contactless debit/credit card to pay for your journey.

With tap & cap there’s no need to work out which ticket you should buy, as we work out the cheapest on-bus fare for you. The price you pay is based on the number of journeys you make and will never be more than our all-day or weekly ticket price.

Once the cost of your daily journeys reaches the price of our all-day ticket price, the price you pay is capped at this amount and you won’t pay any more that day no matter how many journeys you make. We’ll also track your bus travel across 7 days and apply our weekly ticket cap. So when the cost of your travel reaches the price of our weekly ticket, the price you pay is capped again saving you money compared to normal contactless payments for 7 days travel.

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