Our Pledge

The Glasgow Bus Alliance was formed to create a world-class, flexible transport system that makes bus travel easy, efficient, and enjoyable.

In order to fulfill our Pledge, we’ve set ambitious goals to enhance the bus travel experience, improve connectivity, upgrade and develop infrastructure, and help reduce emissions throughout the City and surrounding areas over the next five years.

Customer Service

Ensuring customer safety and satisfaction is our number one goal, and we believe that every customer, on every journey, should have access to accurate information, helpful staff, and plenty of resources to ensure a smooth, informed bus travel experience.


A world-class, flexible bus travel experience is one that’s comprehensive, complete, and connected. Our Pledge is to create an integrated network of bus travel within the region that anticipates and responds to traveller’s needs, with no gaps in service, and without compromising quality.


Bus travel should be easy-to-use, integrated, smart, and fast. Our Pledge is to improve journey times and guarantee that every traveller arrives at their destination on time, and on schedule.


Bus travel is a sustainable method of travel that can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Our Pledge is to continue delivering low and no emission buses to the area, helping Scotland work towards its Net Zero goal for 2045.

The most important part of our Pledge is our promise to listen to the needs of bus travellers in the region. We will remain active within our communities so that we can understand the needs of all bus users, and work towards building a network of travel that’s helpful, convenient, and responsive.

Alliance Manifesto

To read our pledge in full, download our brochure.

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